FlexiP Pipe (PE-RT)

FlexiP Pipe (PE-RT)

The Envirotube 5-layer high quality PE-RT has a very high flexibility, even more flexible than traditional PE-X pipes.

The production line in the factory in Sweeden is equipped with high technical detection devices to make sure all pipes are leaving the factory in absolute top quality condition.

Our pipe can be produced in any dimension used for floor heating applications. Generally, PE-RT pipes are coiled from 200m. The length of the coil is of course customised upon request.

Key Benefits:

  • Outstanding PE-Xa material
  • No incrustation
  • Oxygen diffusion tight
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Low weight
  • Bending flexibility
  • Excellent long-run behaviour
  • High chemical resistance

Property Value:

Density0.93 – 0.94 g/cm³
Expansion Coefficient1.95 x 10-4 k-1
Thermal Conductivity0.4 W/(m K)
Sofetning Temperature> 120°C
Elongation At Break>500%
Tensile Strength Expansion17MPa